We Are Hope App

Welcome to our App

You can now get support from Hope directly from your mobile device. Designed by our young people to be a friend in your pocket whenever you need it.

The app is split into age groups 11-14, 15-18 and 19-25 so you can be sure you will only get information that is relevant to you.

Download it here:

Here for you when no-one else can be

You are not alone. There are potentially over 1 Million children and young people in the UK who have a loved one who is seriously or terminally ill. For many of you, living through a family health crisis can be a very lonely and isolating experience. It can be difficult to talk to family or friends who might not understand or ‘get’ how you feel.

If that young person is you, then download our free app to instantly access resources and information that can help you. Use the app to find out how other young people are coping with their situation, listen to podcasts and if you want to share your own experiences, you can!

Friend in your Pocket

You can pick up the Hope app whenever you want to. Listen discreetly to our podcasts on the back of the bus, browse the “Feeling like this….” section whilst waiting for the bath to fill, or even write your own anonymous story to let people know your situation.

Sign posting to other Organisations

Hope works with many other organisations who help young people. Use our app to find out who else may be able to help you, or find events in your area that you can attend.