Advisory Team Members

A-Team volunteering

Advisory Team Members

We're looking for confident, capable and enthusiastic team players to join our group from across the UK

Purpose: As a member of the Advisory Team you'll be aged 16-25 and will want to change the way people, organisations and services view young people living through a family health crisis.
Commitment: The team meet (via remote chat such as Zoom or Teams) a minimum of once a month, but sometimes more depending on how much you want to be involved.

Role and responsibilities

• Ensure that you attend the Advisory Team meetings regularly and contribute to the agenda where you can.
• Work directly with the other members of the Advisory Team to highlight areas the group should focus on in order to have the most impact in their work.
• Ensure that all administration tasks assigned to you are completed in a timely fashion, including reports and publications.
• Actively promote the Advisory Team outside the group
• Represent the Advisory Team at events throughout the UK where appropriate.

Things we're looking for

• Be part of a welcoming, engaging, and enthusiastic environment for young people to connect with one another, undertake high quality programs of work and deliver them in a meaningful way.
• Help build a sense of community within the group that provides for both individual and social development creating a shared focus.

There are no training requirements, just a willingness to be involved!

Advisory Team Members

Location: UK Wide

Hope Support Services
Overross House
Ross Park

How to apply

To apply, please download the application pack here: download the pack. Once you've had a look through and you feel ready, then come back to this page and use the form below to send in your application!.