Herefordshire Y-Team Member

Y-Team volunteering

Herefordshire Y-Team Member

We're looking for confident, capable and enthusiastic team players aged 14-25 from across Herefordshire to join our Y-Team!

Purpose: As a member of the Y-Team you'll be directly involved in supporting the face-to-face service that Hope delivers across the county, and will help change the way people, organisations and services view young people living through a family health crisis.
Commitment: The team meet face-to-face and via remote chat (MS Teams) a minimum of once a month, but often more depending on how much you want to be involved. All successful candidates will need to be available to attend the team building day in October.

Role and responsibilities

We’re looking for people who will:

• Ensure that you attend the Y-Team meetings regularly and take on a specific role within the team. Attend all 12 main meetings throughout the year and the team building day in October.

• Work directly with the other members of the Y-Team to highlight areas the group should focus on in order to have the most impact in their work.

• Ensure that all administration tasks assigned to you are completed in a timely fashion, including reports and publications

• Actively promote Hope Support and the work of the Y- Team outside the group

• Represent the Y- Team at events throughout the county where appropriate

• Be part of a welcoming, engaging, and enthusiastic environment for young people to connect with one another, undertake high quality programs of work and deliver them in a meaningful way

• Help build a sense of community within the group that provides for both individual and social development creating a shared focus.

Things we're looking for

This role is open to young people aged 14-25 in Herefordshire. There are no training requirements, just a willingness to be involved and a can-do attitude!

Other details

The application form asks for a CV, but if you don't have one yet then that's OK. If you get stuck or have further questions, feel free to give us a call on: 01989 566317.

Herefordshire Y-Team Member

Location: Herefordshire

Hope Support Services
Overross House
Ross Park

How to apply

To apply, please download the application pack here: download the pack. Once you've had a look through and you feel ready, then come back to this page and use the form below to send in your application!.