This is the A-Team

This is the A-Team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help… Then you can get support from Hope. Hope, in turn, gets a lot of support from its Advisory Team – the A-Team.

A group of volunteers, aged 16 to 25, spread around the UK, who work to promote the voices and share the experiences of young people with a loved one who is seriously ill.

Not everything is black and white

From consulting and supporting the activities of Hope, to public engagement and lobbying, we work to ensure that the experiences of young people with a seriously-ill loved one are reflected at all levels of society, from the local to national (and even international!) levels, and in different areas, from public organizations to private enterprise.

No two members of the Advisory Team have the same story, no two members of the Advisory Team have dealt with things in the same way but every member of the Advisory team has experienced what it’s like to be inside a family health crisis and is committed to opening up society so it better understands and reflects those experiences.

We’re not recruiting… today

The A-Team is frequently on the look out for new volunteers who can support our work to engage the public and promote the voices of young people who’ve been through serious family-health crises.

At the moment we don’t have any vacancies, but if you’re interested, why not sign up for the newsletter and be sure to check the box for volunteer opportunities. That way you’ll be the first to know when new slots open.

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We're recruiting...

Advisory Team Members

We're looking for confident, capable and enthusiastic team players to join our group from across the UK

If this looks like something that would suit you, please click below to see the opportunity and find out how to apply.

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Supporting Hope’s young people

Our first piece of work was to provide consultation on Hope Support Service’s new mobile App and digital services, working directly with the development team at Superbeinglabs in London on everything from design to functionality.

Offering new perspectives for researchers

We worked with the National Institute of Health Research in Birmingham as well as the Children’s Research Centre based at the Open University, adding a unique viewpoint to their excellent work.

Media work and insights

We provide testimony and documentary services for TV and Radio, helping to bring the hidden perspectives of young people out into the open.

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Want to know more about the A-Team?

The team works at a distance from all over the UK and regularly meets via videocall to work on the various projects on behalf of Hope and Hope’s young people. When we have open positions, you’ll find them on this page.

To engage us or involve us in your project, please get in touch via the details here or through the contact page, specifying that you’re looking for the A-Team.

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