Hope founder, Sue Trevethan, has an extensive background supporting young people as a
therapist/counsellor and trainer. Training young people in the art of listening through
accredited courses by creating peer support groups that other students could access when
required. Working with Childline, writing and delivering anti-bullying programmes throughout
Herefordshire that also included training teachers. Sue was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.
Over the ensuing months Sue set out to find what, if any services, were available to support
her own three children who were 13, 16 and 19 at the time. No such services existed in
Herefordshire. Sue felt strongly that something had to be put in place to support the
young people of Herefordshire who were experiencing trauma and uncertainty of a family
health crisis.

By building a strong team of like- minded, passionate individuals with a range of professional
skillsets to establish this highly successful and unique service for young people. Hope
Support. This led to twelve years dedicated involvement including time as CEO, Chair of
Trustees and President. Sue has always been passionate about a young person’s voice and
the first ever Y-Team (Youth Management Team) was established from the on-set. Just one
year later, Sue and her team of volunteers had raised the funds needed for Hope to gain
charitable status. Hope started providing free training for professionals working n the front
line with young people, giving important insight into the impact on a young person’s mental
health during a family health crisis.

By the time Sue retired from the organisation in 2021 she had laid the foundations for Hope
to grow as a charity, putting the right team in place to take the organisation to new levels
whilst staying true to our ultimate objective, to be there for every young person that needs us.

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